Boards, Commissions and Committees

Randolph has many boards, commissions and committees that offer diverse opportunities for citizens to utilize their time and talents to help their community.  The committees help address many issues and accomplish the goals that make the Randolph community strong and healthy. So whatever may be your strength or interest, there is likely a group that could benefit from your membership. 

Some of these groups are required by state statute (such as the Board of Abatement, Board of Civil Authority, Development Review Board and Planning Commission), others are authorized by state statute (such as the Conservation Commission, Energy Committee and Design Review Advisory Commission), but most are advisory committees of the Selectboard (such as the Economic Development Council and Recreation Committee).  Regardless of this status, they are governed by the Town's Conflict of Interest Policy (see below) and must obey the state Open Meeting Law  (1 V.S.A. § 310 et seq.).
These groups generally meet once a month and may have a Town staff member assigned to them to assist them in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.
If you are interested in serving on a Town board, commission or committee, please contact the Town Manager at or 728-5433 x20. 
Being involved in your Town is a great way to help our wonderful community become an even better place to live, work and play!
Attached Document or FileConflict of Interest  Adopted: March 5, 2009