Randolph Community Justice Program

The Randolph Community Justice Program is a part of town government whose mission is to provide ways for conflict resolution where:

• Citizens are empowered to maintain and enhance community wellbeing using restorative justice principles and practices, 

•Victims play a central role and their needs are addressed,

•Offenders are given the opportunity to take responsibility and be accountable for the harm they have caused in a fair and reasonable manner.

We believe that it's better to try and solve problems by inviting all of those affected to come together, understand the harm and decide who and how the situation can be improved for everyone.

Specifically, the Justice Program is responsible for providing direct referral services, post incarceration services, victim support, community dialogue and prevention services.

The Justice Program can work with both youth and adults living in Bethel, Braintree, and Randolph.

The Randolph Justice Program is funded by a grant from the Vermont Agency of Human Services.

For more information, please contact  Town of Randolph, Drawer B-7 Summer Street, Randolph VT 05060.  Phone: 802 249-8554.  Email: rrjp@randolphvt.org