Design Review Advisory Commission

The Design Review Advisory Commission (DRAC) is a 5-member board that was created on September 16, 2009, as it was on this date that an amendment to the Randolph Zoning Regulations (see "Ordinances, Plans and Policies" on menu at the left) was voted in.  This amendment requires DRAC review for all new development in the Interchange Districts.  The DRAC provides recommendations to the Development Review Board which makes decisions on proposed development.

The current DRAC members and their term-ending dates are:

Jennifer Curtin (2017)
Perry Armstrong (2016)
Eric Sturm (2015)
Jerald Ward (2015)
VACANT (2017)

Zoning Administrator Mardee Sanchez is the staff support for this group.  She may be reached at 728-5433 ext. 13 or

At this time, there are no applications pending before the DRAC.