About the Council

The EDC is guided by its Council Bylaws, amended February 17, 2015.

The goal of the council is to enhance Randolph’s economic vitality by evaluating and advising the Selectboard on the most effective methods for implementing the goals, policies and recommendations of the Town Plan related to economic development, including, but not limited to, Chapter 8 - Economic Development.  The Council focuses on achievable objectives, and attempts to coordinate within town government, as well as with local companies, individuals, and existing groups with economic development agendas.

The Council focuses on: 

  • Evaluating and advancing economic development needs that are uniquely the purview of town government, such as infrastructure improvement;
  • Developing an awareness of economic assets;
  • Community communication and collaboration;
  • Fostering cooperation and coordination among groups with related interests;
  • Create a coherent vision for economic development and how it relates to town investment, capital and operating planning, and collaboration, all of which to promote a vibrant economic business climate;

Council Member & Terms

Term – expires 2017

Jason Aldous
Julie Iffland
Jay Hooper
Michael Tragner, Chair

Term – expires 2018 

I. Winston Sadoo
Ken Candow
Marjorie Ryerson

Please contact us at EDC@randolphvt.org if you would like to become a council member.

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