Randolph Village Fire Department

Chief Collette  (white coat)
Chief Collette (white coat)

The Randolph Village Fire Station is located on Central Street at the intersection of Route 12 and 12A. This Fire Station houses  a 2011 KME  Custom Pumper with a CAF System; a 1998 HME top mount pumper 1250 g.p.m. (holds 1000 gallons of water and was made by V Tech in Williamstown, VT), a Rescue truck, a pumper/tanker with 1000 g.p.m. pump and 1500 gallons of water, and a 1500 gallon tanker. The Village Department also provides contracted fire protection to the Town of Braintree. This fire station can hold a roster of 25 fire

Fire Attack
Fire Attack

Fire Chief
Jay Collette

Assistant Fire Chief

Telephone: 802-728-9220 (non-emergency)

Physical Address

2 Central Street