The Randolph Police Services Committee was formed in 2023 and given the following task of defining police service needs for the current district and town generally, the best manner to meet those service needs, funding models, and recommending a path forward. The Committee's full scope of work, as adopted by the Selectboard, can be viewed by clicking here


 A meeting calendar for the committee is posted below; please always check the agendas section for any changes or additions. 


The committee members are:

Trini Brassard, Chair (Selectboard)

Judy Powell, Vice Chair

Stephanie Tyler (Selectboard)

Sheila Jacobs

Kristin Chandler

Joe Voci

Neil Richardson


For a list of committee members, email addresses, and supporting staff, please click here. To correspond with the committee as a whole, you may also send an email to; correspondence received will be forwarded to all committee members.