Agendas and Addressing the Selectboard

As it does each January, the Selectboard is currently scheduled to meet every Thursday. 

If you wish to ask the Selectboard to consider a particular topic that may require some immediate action by the Board, please contact the Selectboard Chair through the Town Manager at the Town offices at 728-5433 x20 or by email:, and ask to have that topic placed on the agenda.  To ensure public knowledge, and allow for public input, the Board’s practice is to take votes or action only on items that have been specifically placed on the agenda. 

If you wish to address the Selectboard as a whole for informational purposes only, you may do so via U.S. mail to Randolph Selectboard, Town of Randolph, Drawer B, Randolph, Vermont 05060, or by speaking during the agenda item “Public Comment" at a Selectboard meeting.  To assure public knowledge and possibility of public input, the Board’s practice is to refrain from taking action on items brought up under "Public Comment" or "Other Business" unless necessity demands.