Randolph Zoning Department


The Zoning Department is comprised of four components: Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission, Development Review Board and Conservation Commission.  Additionally, there are two advisory boards that assist the Development Review Board:  the Design Review Advisory Commission for development in the Interchange Districts and the Randolph Center Design Review Panel for development in the Randolph Center Historic District.  All of these components are governed by Title 24 Chapter 117 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated.  The regional planning commission for Randolph is Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission in Woodstock.

The Town of Randolph has two ordinances that govern development within the Town: the newly-adopted Land Use Regulations and the Randolph Sign Ordinance which are administered through the Zoning Department.  Additionally, there is a Randolph Fire District #1 Sign Ordinance that is administered by that District (see below).

The Village of Randolph has had zoning regulations since 1933. In 1965, zoning regulations were adopted for the entire Town of Randolph.  Additionally, the Town has regulated subdivisions since 1971.  A brief history of zoning and subdivision regulations is provided below.

NOTE:  The zoning and subdivision regulations are now called LAND USE REGULATIONS.

Zoning Department

The Zoning Department is currently staffed by the Planning and Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Department provides staff support for the Planning Commission, Development Review Board, and the two design review advisory boards.

The Zoning Department also administers and enforces the Solid Waste & Junkyard Ordinance and Randolph Sign Ordinance.  The Randolph Fire District No. 1 in Randolph Center has adopted its own sign ordinance.  For information about installing signs in Randolph Center, contact the Randolph Fire District No. 1 Sign Officer at RFD1org@gmail.com, ATTN: RFD1 Sign Officer. The RFD1 Sign Ordinance explaining District sign restrictions and the sign permit application process is available via the link below.  Additional information is available at www.RFD1.org

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State Permits

Depending on your project you may need state permits. The easiest way to find out is to use the Agency of Natural Resources Permit Navigator portal. This tool will walk you through a series of questions about your project, and depending on your answers, may indicate a permit is required to begin your project. If you have any questions about state permits you should contact Jeff McMahon at 802-477-2241 or jeff.mcmahon@vermont.gov.