Many of you have seen the letters from MSK engineering. The EPA is requiring a service line inventory to be completed by October of 2024. The Town of Randolph has contracted with MSK engineering to perform this work. 


So yes, this is a legitimate request and not a scam. We understand everyone's concern with all the scams around, but this is a legitimate request on behalf of the Town.




If you have any questions feel free to call the water department at 802-728-9079.


Water and Wastewater Departments

Much of west Randolph and parts of Randolph Center are served by public water and wastewater services. (The village of Randolph Center is served by a public water system through the Randolph Fire District No. 1.) 

Each public service has its own ordinance (see below) and legal district that votes on budgets, bonds, etc. The Randolph Selectboard serve as the Water and Sewer Commissioners but it is the responsibility of the Town Manager to oversee the operation of the water and wastewater departments. In the mid-1990's, the Selectboard established a Water/Wastewater Advisory Committee that provides recommendations to the either the Selectboard, Town Manager or Water and Wastewater Superintendent.


Department Personnel and Contact Information:


Christopher Chambers, Water and Wastewater Superintendent
Office at the Wastewater Treatment Facility at 18 Hedding Drive
Telephone: 802-728-9079
Emergency pager: 802-250-0055