Fire Operations Review Committee (FORC)

This committee is meant to look at the needs for fire services in all areas of Randolph and the communities we provide contracted coverage for, what resources are ideal to meet those needs and develop a plan for how we move from today’s situation to a future scenario defined in this study.

Meetings of this committee are open to the public.  The committee is expected to request experts to attend meetings to help with education and information.  Town staff are available as needed.  This committee will work for 6 months on this effort and then report back to the Selectboard if additional time is needed with a status and estimate of time needed.

One member of each Fire Department (Randolph Village, East Randolph and Randolph Center) selected by the Department:
Riley Brown - East
Allen Williams - Center
Wayne Warner - Village

Two Selectboard Members:
Trini Brassard

One representative from Braintree:
Megan O'Toole

Three members at large (each of these members have a background in rural fire fighting):
Kevin O'Donahue
Matt Fordham