Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the Town of Randolph will be receiving more than $1.37 million from the Federal government.

To help with the process of understanding the applicable rules and recommending projects or uses for funding consideration, the Selectboard created a seven-member ARPA Committee.

The committee was given the following scope of work:

  • To review, discuss, and understand all applicable criteria or guidelines related to the use of ARPA funds.
  • To provide the community with information related to what uses are or are not eligible.
  • To work with Town staff to engage with the community through multiple physical and digital modes, with the intent of collecting community feedback on priority or possible allowed uses for the funds.
  • To engage with other local stakeholders and potential partners, if needed.
  • To develop a list of potential uses of ARPA funds, and identify which of those also need additional development, research, or other work.
  • To ensure that all review and any recommendations are rooted in the following guiding principles:
o   Funds are used equitably and provide broad short- and long-term impacts for the community.
o   That recommendations are strategic and focus on making the highest and best use of one-time funds.
o   The community’s short- and long-term goals, as represented in documents such as the Town Plan, are served or otherwise advanced by the recommendations for use.

 The committee will soon begin soliciting ideas for funding consideration – please check back if you have an idea(s) to contribute!

ARPA P1 - Intake and Evaluation Criteria

This section provides the Intake Form and Evaluation Criteria.

The initial Intake so that people can share their project ideas.  Randolph's ARPA committee will evaluate qualifying projects based on the criteria of cost, connection to intent of ARPA, community benefit, viability, and economic growth. We plan to announce the projects that qualify at the beginning of 2023. At that point, qualifying projects will have the opportunity to submit a more detailed application.

Click On the Link to:  P1 ARPA Intake Form